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Monitoring and measurement of batteries

BATTERIE +, is a monitoring system that allows knowing the health status independently of each of the batteries that make up a battery bank. This in order to protect the state of the batteries, and thereby ensure the operation of critical loads that are protected with batteries.

BATTERIE + is ideal for this type of applications, since it allows to constantly measure the voltage of each battery together with the discharge current of the battery bank, in addition to the ambient temperature at which the bank is located. These variables are sent to the internet where a web service stores these variables in a database, where later the data is treated with algorithms to estimate the status of the batteries to present them to users through a web application, receive notifications and alarms by means of emails or text messages

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Catalog 426-Guia rapida- Sistema de monitoreo y medicion de baterias.pdf sp 11/27/2017 Descargar
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Manual 426-Manual de usuario - Sistema de monitoreo y medicion de baterias V.2.pdf sp 11/27/2017 Descargar

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