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A versatile Online UPS for industrial equipment The UPO22 RT AX is a system break can not be rack-mounted or tower. Use a simple parallel connection system that increases capacity up to 3 more units. It also has an intelligent self-diagnostic performed by the digital signal processor DSP , according to emergency shutdown EPO, transformer and insulation, ability to change batteries in hot (hot swapp) and an advanced management of battery charging, the which protects against deep discharge when no interruption of electric power, there by extending its life. It has UL certification.

Quick Specs

Capacity 6000 VA/5400W
Dimensions 460x133x620 (UPS) - 460x133x620 (battery) - 460x133x620 (ISO)- 460x88x122 (Bypass)
Power Factor > / = 0.99 at 100% load
Weight 20Kg ( UPS ) - 57Kg ( battery bank , 2x ) - 67kg (ISO Module )
Smart RS232 Supports Windows 2000/2003 / XP / Vista / 2008/7 /8, Linux , Unix and Macintosh
Output Voltage 104 / 110 / 115 / 120 Vac or 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 Vac
Phase Single phase with ground
Return High Line High voltage line loss -10V
Return Low line Low voltage line loss + 10V
Battery Type / Number 12V/7Ah 20
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Product also available in 220V labeled with (i). Download the catalog and user manual.
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Product Catalogs

Document Type Document Language Date Download
Catalog 340-Catalogo UPO22-6RT AX SPA.pdf sp 01/15/2018 Descargar
Catalog 340-Catalog UPO22-6RT AX ENG.pdf en 01/15/2018 Descargar
Users Manuals

Document Type Document Language Date Download
Manual 340-M usuario UPO 22 6RT AX Spa.pdf sp 11/27/2017 Descargar
Manual 340-User manual UPO22 6-10RT Eng.pdf en 06/01/2016 Descargar

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