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Modular Perfect solution that fits all your needs . The three-phase UPS modules , plus gives you redundancy as AC power supplies for equipment requiring good quality, which are critical and sensitive to changes in the grid, such as computer equipment, communications , servers , data networks , automation systems , etc. Features True online double conversion technology, with this we provide free energy of the main problems of the common , such as sudden changes in voltage and frequency , power outages , surges , sags , transient noise , harmonic distortion , power supply etc.

Quick Specs

Capacity 20 - 600 KVA
Dimensions HM6 900*1600*600mm HM10 900*2000*600mm
Power Factor >0.99 at entrance
Humidity 0 - 95% ( non condensing)
Communication Interface RS232, RS458, dry contact, USB, (Optional intelligent slot and SNMP card)
Weight HM6 220kg - HM10 225kg
Input Voltage Range -40% to +25%
Input voltage 208/120/-380/220-400/231-415/240 5 wires, 3 phase; 1 neutral and 1 ground
Output Voltage 208/120/-380/220-400/231-415/240 5 wires, 3 phase; 1 neutral and 1 ground
Inverter Online double conversion technology

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Catalog 272-Catalog UPOXR 33-HM-6-10 Eng(1).pdf en 08/08/2016 Descargar
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