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The series provides advanced technology UPO 100% online double conversion. Insulated gate transistors bipolar (IGBT) provide true isolation of the input voltage. They are ideal for data centers, laboratory equipment and industrial applications. Some models provide extended runtime through external battery banks. It has UL certification.

Quick Specs

Capacity 3000VA/2700W
Dimensions 190x318x421mm
Power Factor >/=0,99 @ nominal voltage (full load)
Waveform Pure sine
Weight 28Kg
Voltage 100/110/115/120/127Vac
Current Crest 3:1
Harmonic distortion </= 2% THD (linear load) </= 4% THD (non linear load)
Recharge time 4 hours @ 90% (typical)
Smart RS232 Supports Windows 2000/ 2003/ XP/ Vista/ 2008/ 7,8,10 Linux and Mac
Frequency 40Hz - 70Hz
Optional SNMP Control and command for SNMP and web browser (through internal SNMP or SNMPD89)
Return High Line 145Vac
Low voltage transfer 55Vac (Based on load percentage)

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Product Catalogs

Document Type Document Language Date Download
Catalog 388-Catalogo UPO11-3 AX 120V SPA.pdf sp 09/11/2017 Descargar
Catalog 388-Catalogo UPO11-3i AX 220V Spa.pdf sp 03/07/2017 Descargar
Catalog 388-Catalog UPO11-3 AX ENG 120V.pdf en 09/11/2017 Descargar
Catalog 388-Catalog UPO11-3i AX 220V Eng.pdf en 03/06/2017 Descargar

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