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UPO33HF series phase UPS offers advanced technology that increases performance and reliability. Three high speed DSPs with completed digital control fully ensure high quality of power supply, high input power factor makes UPS green energy saving power. It also offers humanization design: full front access of serviceability, use-friendly interface. Application: ISP (Internet Service Provider), IDC (Internet Data Center), computing center, bank, server center, precise equipment and etc.

Quick Specs

Capacity 30kVa
Dimensions 320x781x788mm
Power Factor 0.9
Input voltage 200V/208V (line to line), 50/60 Hz
Input voltage window (-20% a +25%) full load (-40% a -20%)
Frequency window 40-70Hz
Output Voltage 200V/208 (line to line)
Voltage THD THD<2%(linear load), THD<5% (Not linear loadl)
Frequency tracking range 50/60 Hz ±3Hz, adjustable
System efficiency Normal model 95% ECO mode 99%
Battery mode efficiency 95%
Input Current THD <3%
Input Connection 3 phases +N+PE
Interface (Ports of communication) RS232,RS485, Dry contacts, SNMP card, EPO, interface Generator

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